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Here they are!

What attractions would your guests like best?

Summer 2024
red jump suit.jpg

Wreck Room

Let's take a break and



Waxed Hands

You choose the shape and color; we help you make a fun, unique keepsake.


Rock Wall

This 24' high tower can NOT go unnoticed at any event


Foam Fun

All that needs to be said about our foam parties is

Best party ever!!


Rope Challenge

This suspended obstacle course is sure to be a fun challenge for all ages.


Rideable Animals

Don't' worry, They don't bite!

These strong furry friends will put a smile on all their riders faces.



Who doesn't want to play a game of human Pac man? Or running away from the zombies?


Virtual Reality

4 players must work together to conquer the various games we have.


Escape boxes

You get 1 hour to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles. Can you and your team do it?

2 boys.jpg

Laser Tag Vests

Who out of the 4 will keep their points till the end of the 3 minute round?

Cabin 2.jpg

Inflatable Cabin

This quick set up and tear down inflatable shelter is perfect to protect you from any  elements.

no top maze at home_edited.jpg

The Maze

Escape if you can this labyrinth of passages. We haven't lost any yet!



Turn your world upside down with this self propelled apparatus.

*We do not have any bouncy castles.

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