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Laser Tag Vests

The vests are 5 lbs. making it harder for the younger kids to carry on their shoulders. In that situation, we encourage an older person to enter with the child and have them wear the vest and the youngster carries the phaser and leads the way.

2 boys.jpg

Each player is equipped with their own LED vest and phaser. Up to four players are trying to find and fire at each other.  Each time you fire and get someone with your laser beam, the vest tallies points.  The player with the most points at the end of the three minute game gets the bragging rights.

Can be played with obstacles around the yard or gym. Also works great in the inflatable maze.

School Special


$500 per day


Birthday Party

$35  per vest

per hour


$35  per vest

per hour

*Prices include fully trained staff
*Prices do not include applicable taxes
*Travel and accommodation fee may apply
*5% discount applied when renting more then 2 attractions
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