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Welcome to the world of
Virtual Reality!


These exhilarating multiplayer, free roam  Virtual Reality games encourage players to enjoy rich social gaming experiences through challenging co-op gameplay, breath-taking graphics, and larger-than-life environments!

This unique experience is great for: - Building teamwork - Game, family, and date nights - Birthday parties, family reunions, and school events - Staff parties - Fun time with friends!!


Choose from our vast library of Hero Zone games:

CyberShock Poster A4.jpg

These games are great for players ages 6 and up,  and made for all skill levels.
The indoor open space play area for these games must be 15 feet x 15 feet or larger
(20 feet x 20 feet for Cops VS Robbers).
Your team can choose the location "in game" where your 10 minute adventure takes place.


What about a Virtual reality Escape Game?

These more advanced games will engage your mind as you try to escape. All are great for players ages 12 and up. The indoor open space play area for these games must be 15 feet x 18 feet or larger. Your team of 2-4 players MUST work together to try and escape in the 45 minute adventure of your choice.


An evil alchemist, a hungry dragon. Hardly the town for a few hapless travelers! Accused of a crime you didn’t commit, you must find a way to escape your prison before you meet your fiery fate.


The mad count Malin has been running evil experiments with dangerous creatures in his creepy manor. It's up to you to get inside, investigate — and make it out alive.

Time Travel Paradox_8-01_edited.png

Launch your team into a voyage across the ages in order to stop an evil mastermind. Don’t get distracted by the beauty of prehistoria or the ravaged dystopian city-scape… time is of the essence! The only way to control time is to understand it! Can you escape?


Hurtling through orbit, Space Station Tiberia is on a mission to intercept a ‘planet killer’ meteorite on a collision course with earth mere hours from now. Moments ago the station was struck by an intense radiation storm. Restoring functionality to the station and the anti-meteor laser array is the only thing between the human race and complete extinction.

Depths of Osiris Logo.png

Dive deep below the ocean surface with your team of explorers to uncover an ancient temple. In it you will find beautiful sealife, treasures, and a few more things that aren’t quite as pleasant! As the placid undersea world begins to turn on you, will you be able to escape?

Laserbots _14_edited.png

Rampaging robots have shot your ship out of the sky, and the next ship is 10 minutes away! Deflect lasers with your laser swords and shields, collect crystals to power your giant laser cannon, and blow up robots to survive until the ship arrives!


The pirate crew have fallen victim to a curse and transformed into fishmen! The only cure is locked deep within an island temple — but time is running out.


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