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Inflatable Maze

Can you find your way out?

If your space can't fit this enormous labyrinth, no problem!

We can bring half and still provide loads of fun.

no top maze at home_edited.jpg

This giant 6.5 feet tall entanglement of tunnels is loads of fun for people of all ages.

Go in on one side and try to make your way to the other. When the two sections are side by side the maze measures 32x32 feet. When placed end to end it is 64x27 feet. Each half has it's own blower (they will need their own breaker)


This labyrinth is perfect for a Haunted Maze. Be careful, who knows what can be lurking around the corner, or sneak up behind you. The maze can be used for many different activities such as: 
Laser Tag, Team building Escape game,  Easter egg hunt, maze walk, scavenger hunt.

maze 1.jpg

School Special


$500 per day


1/2 Maze


$135 setup/tear down

$95 per hour

Full Maze


setup/tear down

$165 per hour

*Prices include fully trained staff
*Prices do not include applicable taxes
*Travel and accommodation fee may apply
*5% discount applied when renting more then 2 attractions
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