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Waxed Hands

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​Fostering the artistic qualities of each sculptor, the wax hand station is a sensory activity. It combines the sensation of dipping a hand in warm liquid wax, then into ice cold water where the wax changes to a solid. An abundance of bright colors and creative hand position results in a unique keepsake.
The hand wax station allows participants to apply lessons from the classroom, such as the science of change of state and the finesse of color work in the arts. This process not only provides a unique sensation, it allows the participant to use his/her imagination and make a novel memento. These concepts are learned in the two minutes that it takes to make the waxed hand.

Waxed hands are a perfect activity for schools! Not only is it a fun learning experience, it yields a beautiful gift to bring home to parents. Kids grow up so fast. To be able to freeze a moment in time is priceless. This gift can be used for Mother’s/Father’s day, end of year events, Christmas gifts, and many more.
The wax hand station is two feet wide by four feet long. It's size makes it suitable for most venues. It's also equipped with a hydraulic lift to accommodate guests of any height.

We also offer PLASTER KITS!

The kit comes with all the material needed to reinforce your waxed hand

to help make it more solid. See video below for guidance.

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