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Foam Fun

Just when your guests thought the party couldn't get more fun, out comes the foam!!

foam party

The 1 hour Foam Party is great for gatherings up to 15 people.  Adding foam will surely bring out the smiles and laughter of people of all ages. This bubbly mound will add hours of fun and make the party a one-of-a kind, unforgettable good time. 

All that is required from the host is access to power, a garden hose with continuous running water, and a clean open space.

The 1 hour Foam Bash is the queen of all parties. This package includes exciting, age appropriate fun music and a foam cannon that shoots foam FROM A CANNON.

Great for large groups of over 15 people.

All that is required from the host is access to power (dedicated breaker), a garden hose, and a large clean open space.

glow foam party

The Glow Foam party is the king of all foam parties.  It can either be a foam party or a foam bash either way we will make it glow and unforgettable.  This package incudes the UV lights and all the necessary equipment to give you a yard of glowing ooze.

The foam solution is a gluten free, surfactant blend. It has no odor, dermatologist approved, phosphate free and 100% organic.  It is strictly a foaming agent you find in your shampoo, shaving cream and bubble bath.  The difference is there aren’t any additives for cleaning or scent. The solution doesn’t cause harm to eyes, skin or the environment.  
It doesn't leave stains and is as slippery as water.  
We do the setup, tear down and make sure things run smoothly during the event.

What about adding BUBBLES to your party!

This amazing bubble machine features 3 double wands and an extremely high output.  This attraction is great to add  extra fun at a foam party or if you need bubbles for a large area like  filling a room.

Foam party

Foam party

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Foam Party

Foam Bash

Glow Foam

Glow Foam

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Glow Foam

School Special

Foam Party $500 per day

Foam Bash  $650 per day


Bubble Machine


$50/ hour

Foam Party


$135  per hour