Thrilling Attractions

Adding  exhilaration to your next event!

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Laser Tag

Save the world from alien invasion! Find opponents in the eerie spaceship maze to blast your way to victory.

Rope Challenge

Go slow or go fast but don't look down! This suspended course will be a challenge to all who dare to test their balance.

Waxed Hands

Any celebration is forever remembered with this unique memento. Guests create their own party favour to bring home in the shape of their hand.

Rock Wall

Conquer your fears. Challenge your strength. Gain confidence. This 24 foot tall monolith will give your guest a whole new view of your event.


Step into the world of astronauts and high flying aviators with this thrilling, rotating ride.

Foam Machine


That's what it will feel like playing in the build up of bubbles.

Have some good, clean fun by adding foam to the festivity.

"Nadia est venue faire des mains de cire pendant une soirée d'accueil pour les parents. Les élèves et leurs parents ont adoré recevoir un souvenir personnel de leur enfant. C'est une excellente façon pour les élèves de découvrir les propriétés des matériaux (liquide-solide) en sciences.

René Gaudreau
Principal, École St-Gérard

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