Thrilling Attractions

Adding  exhilaration to your next event!

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Foam Party


That's what it will feel like playing in the build up of bubbles.

Have some good, clean fun by adding foam to the festivities.


Electric Animals

These soft, rideable cuties are sure to make riders of all ages smile. Scoot around on these

four-legged pets with your friends and family.

Virtual Reality

Enter the virtual world and work as a team to try and escape in time or fight off the battle bots coming your way.

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Inflatable  Maze

Try to find your way through the passages of the  labyrinth.

Inflatable  Shelter

Cabin & Tent

Easy, quick, inflatable structure to use as a unique venue or shelter from the elements.

Inflatable  Shelter

Love Locks

Escape  Games

Time is ticking!!

Can you solve the series of clues and puzzles in time and make your escape?

Laser Tag

Save the world from alien invasion! Find opponents in the eerie spaceship maze to blast your way to victory.

Modified version AVAILABLE during

summer of 2021 due to Covid -19.


Waxed Hands

Any celebration is forever remembered with this unique memento. Guests create their own party favor to bring home in the shape of their hand.

Unavailable during summer of 2021

due to Covid -19.

Rope Challenge

Unavailable during summer of 2021

due to Covid -19.

Go slow or go fast but don't look down! This suspended course will be a challenge to all who dare to test their balance.

Rock Wall

Unavailable during summer of 2021

due to Covid -19.

Conquer your fears. Challenge your strength. Gain confidence. This 24 foot tall monolith will give your guests a whole new view of your event.


Unavailable during summer of 2021

due to Covid -19.

Step into the world of astronauts and high flying aviators with this thrilling, rotating ride.