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Rope Obstacle

Rope pic 1.jpg

Do you like obstacle courses? What about one that is eight feet off the ground?
The rope trailer provides harnessed participants the ability to be secured to a track 16 feet above the ground. They are then challenged with six different obstacles:  walking on a bamboo beam, stepping on swaying bamboo that swings from left to right and front to back. This suspended obstacle course will put your courage, speed, reflexes, strength, fear of heights, balance and coordination to the test. Challenge all your fears to gain self-confidence in one stop!

The trailer can support up to ten people at once. We recommend that  younger racers to be followed by an older person to offer guidance and encouragement along the way. 
This trailer is 32 feet long, 10 feet wide and 16 feet high.
The minimum height requirement is 44 inches tall. 

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