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Rock Wall

race to the top.jpg

This 24 foot high, rock simulated tower has a total of 55 square feet of climbing surface. Four different routes, ranging from easy to difficult, will have guests engaged till their stamina runs out.
A safe climb is always our priority. Trained staff guide participants to select the right harness size and helmet to ensure comfort and safety. Before any climber starts, they are briefed on safety and technique, including how to ascend.

Skill, confidence and age determine how quickly the wall is conquered. We always encourage climbers to persevere and go a little higher. If a climber reaches the top, they ring the bell at the peak, announcing their success. Once the participant is ready to be lowered, staff guide participants to the ground.
We have four TruBlue Auto belays that mechanically lowers climbers.
The belay equipment undergoes a yearly formal inspection. These Auto belay can hold up to 330 lbs. For more  information on this specialized equipment, please visit
The Rock Wall can be set up on any flat surface and needs a minimum area measuring 20x30 feet. 

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