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Laser Tag

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This New 33 x 33 foot laser tag arena is ideal to hide, then seek your opponents to blast the with the harmless laser beam.
The player is equipped with their own LED vest and phaser, up to four players can enter the inflatable arena at a time. Once the players have entered into the maze they try to find and fire at the other players.  Each time you fire and get someone with your laser beam, the vest calculates points.

The player with the most points at the end of the three minute game gets the bragging rights.

NOTE: The vests are 5 lbs., making it harder for the younger kids to carry on their shoulders. In that situation, we encourage an older person to enter with the child and have them wear the vest and the youngster carries the phaser and leads the way.
The Laser Tag arena does require 2 separate power outlets to keep it inflated. 

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