The Cabin

Cabin Combo.jpg


Height- 17 feet

Width- 23 feet

This fun multi-use cabin is perfect to add an interesting look to any backyard party.

In only 5 min, this unique, temporary cabin will be blown up and ready to use.

Perfect for: BBQ, school events, grand openings, special event, vendor shelter, bachelor/bachelorette party, Gender reveal party, event registration station,

sports party, show room, temporary play house.

The Tent

white tent combo.jpg
white tent 5.jpg


Height- 16.5 feet

Width- 23 feet

Length- 33 feet

This original, elegant, inflatable canopy makes any outdoor event stylish and memorable.

It's quick, temporary and excellent way to enjoy the outdoors away from the sun and rain.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather by lifting the side panels and letting the soft summer breeze flow through.

Perfect for: Weddings, fundraising events, BBQ, school events, grand openings, special events,

vendor shelter, parties, show room, family reunions.