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Escape Game  Box

What is an escape game box?

A fun, and vastly growing activity,  consisting of players finding clues, codes  and solving various puzzles to advance in the game and hopefully escape.
The games are designed to be played with 2-6 players and last between 45-60  minutes.  They are set in various fictional themes with the end result being  saving yourself.
Escape games are great to build  teamwork skills,  problem solving and encourages thinking outside the box.

Please see below for various games we are offering.


Leo clue.jpg

Different boxes available


+ tax

Till death website poster.jpg
2 players,  1 hour game

It hasn't been 24 hours yet since your wedding dinner and you're faced with a great challenge!

Is your teamwork strong enough to solve the puzzles and unlock the antidote on time to save yourselves?


+ tax

Stella Escape cover sheet.jpg
4-6  players,  1 hour game
ages 6 and up

You've been captured!!

Only your puzzle solving abilities can help you escape the alien ship.

Can you make it out on time?

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